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Key Benefits

  • Load Ships' Stores, cargo or cruise liner passenger luggage, on a rising or falling tide by reaching across from the quayside
  • Save up to 50% of yard loading space. Load and unload delivery trucks from one side only.
  • Reach across to place pallets. Eliminate damage to trailer beds caused by ordinary forklifts pushing pallets into place.
  • Save time. With curtainsider trailers, only one curtain requires opening.
  • Load from one side of curtainsider trucks direct to the far side of rail wagons. Reach across the platform gap.
  • On board ship, recover fallen or shifted loads by rotating the forks carriage through 111 degrees as required, matching the angle of the slipped load.
  • Reach below dock level on a rising or falling tide by using Teletruk's unique 'Negative Lift' ability.
  • Ideal for working inside containers. Full ' Free Lift ' comes as standard without a mast. Better access, better visibility, better at handling awkward loads.