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Key Benefits

  • Unload delivery lorries from one side only.
  • 3 machines in 1. Combine the functions of skid-steer loader, conventional forklift, and compact wheeled loader all in one machine.
  • Fill, stack and load-out flexible 1 tonne 'Big Bags' as a simple and effective one-man one-machine operation.
  • Operate on gradients and poor surfaces with 4x4, where ordinary FLTs cannot go.
  • Work in narrow aisle widths.
  • Work in growing areas as well as retail areas; work with different site conditions and requirements. One versatile solution.
  • Some of Europe's biggest tree nurseries and garden centres now prefer a new JCB Teletruk rather than ordinary forklifts. In every case it is because of the wide variety of jobs which can be done by just one machine. Forks, shovels, grabs and rotators make the Teletruk very versatile.